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Petr Cech wins Premier League Golden Glove

which I thought was only a boxing thing but whatever

he looks hung over
he looks hung over
Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

In a year that most would charitably describe as "interesting", there wasn't really a lot of sustained individual brilliance that Arsenal fans could point to and say YES THAT'S AN ARSENAL PLAYER DOING THAT. Don't misunderstand - there were many isolated moments of awesome, but there wasn't really much in the way of a player dominating the team or the league as there has been in seasons past.

Which is why it's awesome that, thanks to a Chris Smalling own goal in Manchester United's match against Bournemouth today, Petr Cech won the Premier League's Golden Glove award for the most clean sheets kept in a season. His 16th on Sunday put him past Joe Hart and Kasper Schmeichel, who both conceded at the weekend, and is his second - which makes him the first winner with two different teams.

Everyone said that Petr Cech would be worth 12 points a season for Arsenal. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but keeping a clean sheet in 42% of your league games is something to celebrate, so I hope wherever Petr Cech is right now, he's celebrating, because we are too.