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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Talk amongst yourselves

What are you seeing in the footballing news on Friday, May 13, 2016?

Hi folks, Cannon Fodderer in Chief beardyblue here. I am really buried in stuff today and have actually been planning a change of tack for Cannon Fodder Fridays.

As you've probably noticed, we've started having them every week day, which is a gig I enjoy very much. Sometimes we talk about the articles that I dig up and sometimes we don't, which is totally cool. I also want to make it a little more reader-driven at times, so at least for today I'm going to see how it goes if I ask you all what you're seeing and reading out there and want to talk about.

Keep in mind, I'm totally good if you want to keep talking about bikes and beers and Paris and video games and concerts and movies and music and whatever else. This isn't me complaining about that! It's just me saying: what are you reading in the world of football today and what's worth sharing with others?

Have a great weekend. Thanks folks!