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Good, Bad and the Ugly: Arsenal v Norwich

An expected win. Guess they knew Norwich, Norwitch is Norwhich.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Well, that was OK. 1-0 to the Arsenal at home. Which is good. Up to 3rd and staying there thanks to a Man City loss. Which is better. Two points behind Tottenham, even. Wow. So why don't I feel better about it?

The Good

Danny Welbeck - came one, provided spark, scored the winning goal. Really wasn't a lot in this game for the hosts before his induction. Really curious as to why he's not starting.

Another clean sheet for Cech - a few key saves early was all he needed to do but can't fault a good day against any side.

Apparently Arsenal finished with 69% of the possession. Yep. We're going there now. Is the season over?

The Bad

Despite the possession, there wasn't a lot created for much of the game. 14 shots, 3 on target is a pretty barren attack for having the ball. Norwich defended well but Arsenal clearly should have tested him more. The team still doesn't feel up for these matches. Maybe Man City will change their tune.

Goal drought continues for Olivier Giroud. This has got to end soon, right?

Norwich City is down to 19th. Someone has to be relegated but I never like being the team that does it. This was a costly loss for Norwich and their hopes for another Premier League season just got a whole lot dimmer. Three games left to salvage something, chasing 17th place Newcastle. Good luck, Canaries.

The Ugly

So there was that whole protest which... wasn't much of anything. Signs of a counterprotest popped up in the stadium with some chants of "There's Only One Arsene Wenger", a factually accurate standard as you'll ever find. I'm not sure what Gooners are thinking to accomplish, as previous fan protests have largely done little to provide anything but media narrative. Are we upset? Are we happy? Are we just desperate for this all to end and get on with the next thing? The answer is Yes. Despite media soundbites there's nothing to suggest Arsenal feel any different.

Mesut Ozil is still not the assist champion of the Premier League. Ball is being dropped by his teammates.