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Manchester City game moved, because TV said move

And when TV says move, you move.

It's Hugo Keto. Why?
It's Hugo Keto. Why?
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Really not a whole lot to this story that wasn't there in the headline - the cash-vomiting TV contract that controls the lives and destinies of Premier League clubs has dictated that Arsenal's match at Manchester City, originally scheduled for Saturday May 7th, is now going to be played on Sunday May 8th and broadcast on Sky Sports in the UK.

Fortunately, or sadly, Arsenal don't have fixture congestion issues to consider here, thanks to only being in the one competition - the one thing it means is short rest before the final game of the season the following Saturday, but that's not really a big deal I don't think. But still, if you were set to travel to this game and now have to change all your travel arrangements, that's gotta be kind of annoying; it's probably easier to get to and from Manchester than, say, Sunderland, but still, last minute travel changes are never fun.