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Arsenal set to extend Alex Iwobi through 2021

The Nigerian has had an impressive run and shall reap the reward.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

If one had placed a bet one which young attacking midfield would make a major impact on the first team, you'd have been forgiven if Alex Iwobi was not on your list. But lately, he's been in fine form and a key player in an Arsenal formation that is finally humming along. Seems the brass have taken notice.

According to The Guardian, Arsenal are set to confirm a 5-year contract extension for Iwobi, rumoured to be in the £30,000/wk range. The move is a bit odd, given he had just set pen to paper on a new contract back in October following his Arsenal debut but his current form, with two goals in the past five matches started, justifies a renegotiation of terms. Iwobi has also debuted with the Nigerian senior team, suggesting the start of a promising career for the 19-year-old.

Wenger has been full of praise:

"You cannot cheat people. They've seen how quickly he's improved and how well he's played. It's surprising how quickly he has integrated into our game.

"He's worked with us since the start of the season and he has grown, gained confidence and when he came in he had an impact straight away. I didn't expect that level of efficiency or impact on the scoresheet."

Having been around forever, joining Arsenal at the tender age of eight, this means Arsenal lock up another homegrown spot long term, which may be valuable as the team looks towards the business of summer.