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Arsenal 1-0 Norwich City: Recap

Arsenal saw off a desperate Norwich City in a relatively uneventful afternoon by a goal to nil.

oh hello
oh hello
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Arsenal started this game the way they ended their last one: boringly, uninterestingly, and like they were just going through the motions. they had a ton of possession, but didn't do anything with it. Norwich were content to soak up the pressure, and for a few stretches there were the more dangerous side in the half; Petr Cech made a few very good saves to keep things scoreless at the half.

The second half...well, let's just say it was like the first half never ended. Arsenal were pinging the ball around, and then losing it. A lot. Then, in an attempt to shake things up in the 55th minute, Wenger subbed off the ineffective Giroud for....oh wait no he didn't he subbed off Iwobi, who was actually playing well, for Danny Welbeck, because that's how this season goes.

But then, moments later in the 59th minute, all that rage was set aside because Giroud nodded a gorgeous ball down into the path of Danny Welbeck, who made no mistake and gave Arsenal a 1-0 lead.

Proceedings continued from there relatively similarly to how they'd been up until the goal. Although the Canaries did find a few occasions to visit the Arsenal goal, they were largely non-threatening and gave Petr Cech little to do.

In the 84th minute, Francis Coquelin came on for Alexis, who had a relatively quiet day. All three substitutes exhausted, Arsenal fans had to wait another week for the chance to see Santi Cazorla again before season's end.

In the end, Arsenal didn't have much to do and saw the Canaries off to go to third, two points behind Tottenham, who have a game in hand.

Oh, and some people who were Mad Online in real life held up pieces of paper at two points during the match. Woo.