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Jack Wilshere thrown out of restaurant, interviewed by police

This is probably not what he should have been doing.

Not pictured: idiotic behavior
Not pictured: idiotic behavior
David Rogers/Getty Images

Jack Wilshere hasn't played a competitive game of soccer in almost a year. He's spent that time rehabbing, attempting to get healthy, and doing the occasional stupid thing like smoking while at a Vegas party with some friends, and then later on being caught smoking a hookah pipe. In the real world, this would just be sorta gross, but as a professional athlete who is paid in no small part to take professional athlete level care of his body, those things were shortsighted, for sure.

Also in the "shortsighted" pile is what allegedly happened last night. Wilshere was allegedly thrown out of a club in London, after an alleged fight, after which he was photographed in an alleyway hiding behind trash bins before speaking with police about what happened. I am not here to pass moral judgment - I really don't care if he drinks; hell, I spent a good chunk of yesterday daydrinking after going on a long bike ride - but I will absolutely pass professional judgment, and say this is probably the kind of stupid shit Wilshere shouldn't be doing if he wants to continue to be an Arsenal player.

He's had several chances to not do stuff like this, and he's not taken any of those chances - I mean, I get that he's young, rich, and likes to have fun. I myself am one-third of those things, so sure, I totally get it. But what Wilshere doesn't seem to get is that the reason he's young and rich is also the reason he shouldn't be doing dumb stuff like getting thrown out of nightclubs. Most professional athletes retire in their mid- to late-thirties; that's when it might be OK for you to get drunk and get thrown out of a club. Not while you're playing.

If you're an athlete in your mid 20's, and you want to be the best athlete in your 20's you can be, you may want to skip the going-out-and-partying that most of the rest of us when we were/are in our 20's take almost for granted; being an athlete at that level requires a lot of sacrifices, and if you're not ready to make those sacrifices, embarrassing stuff like this will keep happening, and eventually the club will stop standing behind you when it does.