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Reliable source leaks next year's Arsenal away kit

As goes Footy Headlines, so goes the world.

it doesn't look like this, so #upgrade
it doesn't look like this, so #upgrade
Ian MacNicol/Getty Images is usually pretty reliable when it comes to shirt leaks. So when they publish pictures of an upcoming kit, that means it's time to take notice. Today they have images of the 2016-17 Arsenal away kit, and I have to say, it looks pretty sharp.

I'm not going to steal their images or anything so click that link to see what they have. But in short, it's yellow and blue -- classic Arsenal away kit colors -- though with a slightly different design than the most common away shirt. It's also got a small collar, and a slight V-neck (although not so crazy deep as to make one feel uncomfortable). The ends of the sleeves are also striped, which is an interesting look that I think works.

This is the first shirt Puma has done for us that didn't explicitly look like a Star Trek uniform that I've really liked, so good job all!