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Welcome TSF's new social boss!

We weren't anti-social before, but now we're very

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

You may remember the halcyon days of late last week. The weather's getting better, the sun stays in the sky a little longer, and Arsenal hadn't dropped points to a relegation candidate. Those were good days! But, those were also days when The Short Fuse didn't have a social media coordinator, so they were dark, meme-less days indeed.

Well, friends, those days? They're over. After an exhaustive recruitment process that invoved, like, five whole emails (I KNOW!), there's a new person in charge of TSF's social media as of today. Some of you may know her from elsewhere around these here internets, but now she's working with us as well.

Please welcome Sarah Connors!

If you don't already know Sarah from her Twitter and her second-in-command-ness at Stanley Cup of Chowder, Sarah's a board member of Boston Gooners, and in her other sports lives she's a fan of the Bruins, the St. Louis Blues, and of pretty much every open-wheel race car driver ever. She travels a ton to watch sports, and spent a rainy day at the Emirates in January watching Arsenal beat Newcastle, which, hey, they won!

Anyway, we are super stoked to have Sarah joining our team and we hope you'll resist the urge to make a bunch of dumb Terminator jokes as you welcome Sarah to TSF.