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Good(?), Bad and The Ugly: Arsenal at the Stadium of Light(s out)

They went to Sunderland and nothing much happened. Usually, that's as good as you get visiting Sunderland.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

0-0 against relegation battlers Sunderland. My opinion: Welp.

The Good

No one got hurt! Dreary and listless as the performance might have been, they kept there legs intact. Even Jack Wilshere, who saw his first minutes of the season. Here are his highlights: (crickets)

Clean sheet. That's good. Good for Cech. Add another one to the pile evenifitwassunderland.

The season is almost over!!! Yay! Only three matches left and we can get to the excitment of Euros and tranfer rumours and all the players that WON'T be on Arsenal next year. Woooooooooo... ooooo... no?

The Bad

Remember last time when I talked about the problems with strikers? 70% possession, 20 shots (7 on target) and a big NOPE on the scoreboard. This is getting distressing. Giroud isn't cutting it, Welbeck continues his international man of mystery routine and Walcott... oh Walcott (honestly, what's Joel gotta do?). Moving striker closer to the top of transfer needs.

Hector Bellerin. He had a bad game including a very weak defensive play that could have ended up in a penalty if not for the ref pick 'em rules around hand balls in the box. Season might be dragging on him but it wasn't pretty.

Ozil just might not care anymore. I'm not sure I can blame him; I'm not sure I care for this season either.

The Ugly

So... about that top four place? Well, 5 points up on Man Utd, who have a game in hand and an easier schedule aside from an FA Cup final. With Arsenal still traveling to Man City... it's... it's in serious doubt. Sure, Manchester United has not been the picture of consistency or solid play but neither has Arsenal. This, my dear readers, is what we call "backing in".

Oh, and 5 points until Bizarro St Totts. Didn't think I'd live to see the day.