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Arsenal v Sunderland Player Ratings - Frustrated Tweeters Speak

Real, yet anonymous, tweets from today's game.

you don't get a bonus if you kick both round things at once
you don't get a bonus if you kick both round things at once
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Cech - "I've seen Giroud on the floor more than Petr Cech"

Bellerin - "Bellerin's a brilliant player, having a bad game though"

Mertesacker - "The question still stands as to why we are so shambolic at the back at times? The answer still isn't Per"

Koscielny - "I don't think I'd keep any of these #arsenal players in the team. Maybe cech and koscielny."

Monreal - "Younes done monreal for pace. Retire fella"

Elneny - "Elneny such a good buy from Wenger."

Ramsey - "really weird how Ramsey plays the ball far quicker when he's got an actual footballer next to him, not a human dumpster"

Ozil & Iwobi - "I guess the Iwobi and Özil masterclasses I predicted didn't really happen."

Alexis - "Alexis please stop doing that weird clipped in ball it's literally never worked."

Giroud - "I'm not trying to hear none of that "Giroud is a good striker" chat. Week in week out, he plays CB for the opposing team."


Walcott, Wilshere, Welbeck - "If Walcott, Wheelchair or Welbeck go to euros then someone can have my ticket coz I ain't going to France to watch them"