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Do you want to run TSF's social media?

We want to hear from you.

I searched "twitter", this came up. It's a pretty picture.
I searched "twitter", this came up. It's a pretty picture.
Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Hi there! How are you? We're great, thanks for asking. Everything going good today? I hope so.

But enough of this idle banter. As with most things blog these days, TSF has a presence on Twitter and on Facebook, but what you may not know is that we want to make those things much bigger and much more active than they currently are. We currently tweet during games, but other than tweeting out stories we publish, we don't do much on non-game days, and we have the same challenge with Facebook.

Problem is, nobody currently on staff has a ton of time to make social media their first priority - between jobs, school, and gallivanting around the globe on the TSF jet, we're all pretty booked up and can't carve out time to be social media dynamos.

Can you?

We are looking for someone to take charge of the social media side of TSF. At least at first, you wouldn't be writing anything for the site itself - we would want you to focus your time on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social platform that seems relevant. We're Olds, for the most part, and don't really know what cool new TwitSpaceAGrams are out there and would rely on you to tell us.

If you are a person who can devote time every day to making TSF Twitter the best Arsenal twitter out there, and if you can help us grow our overall social media footprint, we'd love to hear from you. Basic qualifications include:

- The ability to make TSF social media a priority for you. We want this person to monitor newsfeeds, stay on top of memes/jokes and things like that, in order to promote TSF and Arsenal on social media as much and as quickly as possible. We understand that you have a life; we do too. But we need someone who can make TSF Social a main part of their lives right now.
- The ability to operate with little oversight. We want someone who will own this and run with it, within TSF's posting guidelines. We will work with you to define what we want, but within those bounds, we want this to be yours.
- The ability to coordinate your work with a team. We currently have two people who do some social stuff for us; they're still going to be around, but we need someone to provide leadership and direction.
- The desire to be in charge of a brand. As I mentioned, we want TSF's social to be one of, if not the, best Arsenal twitter/facebook/instagram/whatever social presences out there. Build a brand for us.
- A familiarity with and comfort in using social media. We want someone who knows this stuff, and is comfortable navigating the rapidly shifting waters of social media.
- A good sense of humor. Social media is about 60% breaking news stuff and about 40% Crying Jordan; if you don't get the reference, this may not be the position for you.

If these criteria describe you and this is something you want to know more about or apply to do, let me know - drop me a line at pdebruler at gmail dot com and let me know why you'd be awesome at this stuff.