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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Wenger, Fourth Place, and WoSo in Afghanistan

News from the footballing world for Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Khalida Popal continues to build women's soccer in Afghanistan
Currently in exile in Denmark, Khalida Popal remains a face and voice intent on growing women's soccer in her home country.

Director of the Bored - Arseblog ... an Arsenal blog

"I feel sentimental towards Arsene Wenger. I do not think there to be any great shame in this. I am eager for him to succeed where I might feel apathy or even antipathy towards others. I might regard a manager with less of a history with Arsenal as more disposable. I very much doubt I will see another Arsenal manager in the hot seat for this long. It seems natural that I have an emotional investment in him as an individual."

Pulis at the Emirates: Seven games, 0 points, 17-3 on aggregate | Daily Cannon
Tony Pulis is seen as something of a manager who has Arsène Wenger’s number but, honestly, he’s only ever been any good when he’s at home.

These days, it doesn’t take much for the tension between Arsene Wenger and Arsenal supporters to bubble to the surface. Over the past two decades, the patience of the fans has been worn perilously thin. It now takes just a handful of bad results for sticking plasters to fall from old wounds, and blasphemous banners to be hastily re-erected.

Cazorla: I hate not playing | Arseblog News - the Arsenal news site
Santi Cazorla says he can’t wait to get back on the pitch for Arsenal after knee ligament and Achilles injuries have kept him out of action since the end of November.

[AUTOPLAY VIDEO] Everton manager Roberto Martinez on borrowed time - ESPN FC
Everton desperately need Roberto Martinez to recover his powers of positive thinking and locate a clarity of thought that has gradually been lost.

Bilic and van Gaal set eyes on Arsenal after closing gap | Daily Cannon
Wins for West Ham United and Manchester United on Wednesday evening have piled even more pressure on Arsenal ahead of Thursday’s clash against West Bromwich Albion.

[AUTOPLAY VIDEO] MLS expansion pecking order for St Louis, Sacramento, next cities

Don Garber says MLS will grow to 28 teams. How likely are some of the cities being touted to snagging one of those spots?

Leicester and Tottenham offer hope by tinkering less and putting rotation in its place | Jonathan Wilson | Football | The Guardian

Nobody is saying that the rich don’t have a huge advantage but this is the season in which the paradox of the superclubs, the flaw of big squads, the dangers of success, have perhaps been exposed

What do scouts look for in young players – and why are they not more venerated? | Sport | The Guardian

A strong scouting network could save a Premier League club millions of pounds in transfer fees but these hardworking enthusiasts are often undervalued