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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Dives, conversion, and Mike Dean

The news from the footballing world for Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

oh god it's only tuesday
oh god it's only tuesday
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Mike Dean appointed for Sunderland v Arsenal | Daily Cannon
Mike Dean is always the centre of attention so it might not be a bad thing he’s been appointed referee for Arsenal’s trip to Sunderland at the weekend.

Do Arsenal and Walcott both need new directions? | Daily Cannon

After another disappointing cameo from the bench on Sunday you have to wonder whether or not Theo Walcott has any future at Arsenal.

Sleepwalking to mediocrity | Daily Cannon

Another week of underachievement in a season where, since November, disillusionment has never been far away.

Stat: Arsenal’s home conversion rate worse than Aston Villa | Daily Cannon


Vidal wants Alexis Sanchez to join him at Bayern Munich -

Hi, Arturo. We don't know each other, but kindly go jump in a lake. Thanks.

CARTOON: David Squires on … Jamie Vardy and diving in football | Football | The Guardian

This week, David Squires takes a look at Leicester’s Jamie Vardy and dishonesty that is, er, reprehensible to upstanding English footballers

Alan Hinton: the stylist in white boots who became America's Mr Soccer | Football | The Guardian

He was a silken playmaker for Wolves, Nottingham Forest and Derby – and then Alan Hinton kicked off a hugely successful second act across the Atlantic

Wilshere scores as U21s fail to make promotion | Arseblog News - the Arsenal news site

Jack Wilshere’s comeback continued with a goal for the Arsenal U21st last night, but the midfielder couldn’t help drive the team to a win as they went down 2-1 to West Brom.

Arsene Wenger has worked miracles at Arsenal - to abuse him now is shameful and embarrassing - John Cross - Mirror Online

By all means, voice frustration and get fed-up but don’t abuse the best manager the Gunners have ever had, writes John Cross.

Arsenal Players Allowed To Coast Due To Lack Of Ambition From All Levels | UMAXIT