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Arteta's future: coaching at...not Arsenal?

The Spaniard's believed to be in demand as a coach once he hangs up his boots.

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that's good coachin' hair
that's good coachin' hair
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

I have long thought Mikel Arteta was one of the savviest buys in Arsene Wenger's career. Not flashy, not someone your attention is naturally drawn to, but a spectacularly good player at doing what he does - stopping opposition attacks and shaping the Arsenal attack from a midfield position. He's got what basketball fans call great "court vision" - he can read the game really well, and has always managed to stay one step ahead of most of his opponents, which has made him an invaluable servant of the club.

He is, however, getting older and nearing the end of his career, which has also meant his production and skills have dropped off. This has in turn led to speculation about What Happens Next, and as with a lot of players, it seems like Arteta's on the coaching path. There are a couple clubs that have shown interest in his services as a coach; both Mauricio Pochettino and, reportedly, Pep Guardiola have expressed the desire for Arteta to join their staffs.

Not appearing on that list: Arsenal.

Now, I'm not one that believes that players are bound to their clubs for life - if opportunities open elsewhere, as a player or otherwise, a player has the absolute right to pursue those opportunities. And Arsenal may not want to offer him a coaching role for some 100% valid, totally legit reason we don't know about. But...I like Arteta. I would love for him to be part of Arsenal's coaching setup - not as first team coach, of course, as a rookie, but somewhere in the youth or academy system while he gets all his badges and learns his trade.

It's painful enough seeing Patrick Vieira in Manchester City Juniors blue; I'd love to see Arteta stay in-house to further his coaching career.