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Arsenal cancel 2016 Emirates Cup for maintenance

The five-trophy season is already off the table. Dang.

David Rogers/Getty Images

As the season is winding down to a trophyless end, Gooners start looking towards the next to fill our dreams full for victory and trophies. Well, those dreams are now a little darker:

Well, that sucks. Held for the first time in 2007, Arsenal have won 4 of 9 Emirates Cups and has been looked to as both a pat on the back trophy as a enjoyable preseason event, giving us such exciting events as beating Wolfsburg, losing to Hamburg, actually seeing Lyon play football and, of course, JEFF.

But instead, the pitch needs a different sort of love. Starting shortly after Arsenal's final league match against Aston Villa on May 15th, the grounds crew will begin maintenance that will continue throughout the off-season to get The Emirates up to their standards (having won Grounds Team of the Year the past two seasons) in time for the start of the 2016-2017 season.

Instead, Arsenal's preseason will take them to the grand ol' US of A in July for two matches against MLS All-Stars in San Jose and Chivas de Guadalajara in Los Angeles. Other preseason games in Europe are being considered for prepare the team during a shortened break for them, due to the Euros in France. Until then, Arsenal look to a trophyless preseason as an inauspicious start to the next season.