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LEAKED: Probable 2016/17 Arsenal home shirt

Footy Headlines, who usually get this sort of thing right, have leaked the new home shirt. What do you think?

well, it's definitely not this one
well, it's definitely not this one
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Although there have been some other possible leaks in the past, today's comes from the fairly reliable Footy Headlines, who seem to have made it their business to leak kits to the point that you wonder if they might just be the way that clubs announce their jerseys these days.

Without any more further ado, here it is:

The jersey features some interesting detailing, including a thin black hoop around each sleeve and the collar, an off-red vertical stripe heading down the middle of the chest, and a stylized A on the back of the shirt between the shoulder blades.

Some Arsenal fans will also be happy to see that the shirt appears to be returning to an embroidered crest, rather than the plastic one that has been essentially glued to the shirts since Puma took over in 2014-15. I haven't had any problems with the crest coming off of my shirts (and I still want a third kit with one of those :fire emoji: gold outline badges) but I've heard some folks express general displeasure with that detail, so hopefully this addresses those concerns.

Of course, none of this will stop Arsenal from throwing points away from winning positions like they always do! :D Moreover, a certain segment of the fan population will hate every single new kit forever, so there isn't much point to debating the merits - but of course, we have to! So, what do you think?