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Arsenal v Crystal Palace Player Rating Questions

The most lopsided game of keep-ball I have ever seen ends in a draw.

Looking for someone or something to blame
Looking for someone or something to blame
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Cech - Why don't you get a helmet with a brim for these sunny days?

Monreal - Are you so exasperated by our attacking deficiencies that you feel the need to get back stick?

Koscielny - Honestly, how much do you miss Per?

Gabriel - Where are you keeping the nudes of Arsene?

Bellerin - How low down the table do we have to fall for you to angle for a move to Barcelona?

Coquelin - Can you google "Makelele" and then just do that?

Elneny - Can you tell the other guys they are also allowed to shoot from outside the box?

Ozil - How many finishers do you want us to buy you this summer?

Iwobi - Why didn't you just refuse to come off?

Alexis - How much does your back hurt from carrying this team?

Welbeck - Do you want to go to the Euros or nah?


Ramsey - Did you come on to help us or Palace?

Giroud - Why are you yelling at people instead of running around for the 10 minutes you're on the pitch?

Walcott - Are you spending lots of time working on your Chinese?


Suggest your questions so i can print & overnight the list to London Colney by EOD tomorrow.