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Same as it ever was: Arsene says transfer activity to be "limited"


Julian Finney/Getty Images

There are a lot of ways in to this story. Unfortunately, I'm tired of writing them, and you're no doubt tired of reading them, and we're all tired of how the discussion is exactly the same every time it comes up. So, to spare you that, I'm just going to put this here:

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal's summer transfer activity will be limited

and then I'm going to link to some things that make me happy, because I can't have this discussion again. I just...I can't. I'm done. Feel free to have as much conversation about it as you want in the comments, have a blast, but...sigh.

Here's a pretty great Young Fresh Fellows song, featuring the amazing Rufus Thomas on guest vocals.

And here's one of my favorite Kids In The Hall sketches.

and here's one of my favorite scenes from Bull Durham.

And here are some kittens on a treadmill.