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Wenger: Wilshere "needs one more game" before Premier League return

The Arsenal Boss lays out his plans for the forgotten son.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

It's been a frustrating year for Arsenal's Jack Wilshere. After missing most of the 2nd half of last season, popping up to have a cameo in the FA Cup and do his classic Tottenham bit at a rally (chuckles, that scamp), The Wilsh broke his fibula in pre-season training. Expected to about a month, it got worse and he required surgery in September which put him out three more months. Which turned into six. Struggling to gain fitness, he finally made his return to action, playing in an U21 match against Newcastle on April 8th.

Now, at last, the beleaguered midfielder's endless trek through darkness is coming to an end... maybe. Wenger had this to say:

"I think he needs one more game at least... He will play again with the under-21s on Monday. He should be involved in that.

"Then I will have to see how he compares to the other competitors in the first team. Once he is through three or four games then of course you consider him."

The U21s are looking to secure promotion to the 1st Division with a win (or help from a Aston Villa U21 loss), so it's an important game. But even should Wilshere perform well, it feels a bit early to expect his 1st team involvement after a whole season out. Still, for those of us who felt it likely we may never see Wilshere in an Arsenal shirt this season, it's positive news for Jack that Wenger has him in mind. Maybe he can sneak on the field in the final game just to say "I was here... Spurs are shit.'