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Arsenal show interest in another Dutch wonder

No, they're not trying to find Bergkamp 2.0.

NOT PICTURED: Riechedly Badzoer
NOT PICTURED: Riechedly Badzoer
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Arsenal are rumored to be about to undergo a major squad revision this summer, with a bunch of players maybe on the way out and a subsequent bunch of players - a mix of both senior players and young squad reinforcements - on the way in.

One of the more interesting names in this process surfaced today, as it emerged that Arsenal are kicking the tires on the amazingly named Dutch teen star Riechedly Bazoer, currently playing for Ajax. Bazoer is already, at 19, a full Dutch international, and while that doesn't mean he will be the next coming of Dennis Bergkamp or Robin van Persie, the phrase "full Dutch international" still probably means a quality player, and is the type of player that Arsenal should be going after at this point.

Chelsea and Spurs are also reported to be interested, as are Barcelona, so it remains to be seen how realistic this all is, but the fact that his name is being linked with Arsenal at this stage is an encouraging sign, I think.