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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Messi vs Ronaldo vs... Kobe?

News and links from the footballing world for Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

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that's not how this works, kobe
that's not how this works, kobe
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rosicky & Wilshere set for second under-21s test | Arseblog News - the Arsenal news site
Only to be immediately reinjured while standing in line at Waitrose or something.

Sebastien Squillaci blames Arsene Wenger for flopping at Arsenal | Metro News
Pardon me while my eyes roll out of my head and down the block and possibly across the Atlantic Ocean to glare at Squidward with scorn.

How Leicester City killed crossing in the Premier League
It's like Video Killed The Radio Star, but with crossing.

The beauty and magic of fútbol, Uruguay and Diego Forlán - Unusual Efforts
Sometimes we forget that soccer deserves to be celebrated, rather than simply analyzed. There's beauty in being a fan of Uruguay fútbol. SPECIAL NOTE: This piece comes from the new website Unusual Efforts, a site that describes itself as such: "Unusual Efforts, a brand-new website with a magazine to follow, produces engaging, entertaining, and enlightening soccer stories for everyone. The twist? Everything you see here is produced by women, trans or cis, and non-binary people." It's an exciting and interesting project that I'm really excited to promote here. Check them out!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic blames 'new system' for defeat to PSG - ESPN FC
Can't wait for Zlatan to blame a different Frenchman's tactics for losing big games MIRITE GUYS (please AW don't sign Zlatan)

What Would Kobe Bryant's Career Look Like If He Were a World Football Star? | Bleacher Report
I know there are some Kobe fans in our readership, so I thought I'd include this for their sake today.

'Ronaldo is a constructed phenomenon, but Messi is a pure talent' -
I really can't stand the Messi vs Ronaldo thing, but thought some of our readers might be interested.

Daniel Sturridge: Liverpool’s Europa League tie will be like playing Fifa 16 | Football | The Guardian
Well, um, okay I guess?