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Szczesny admits he'd like to see Leicester City, not Arsenal, win the EPL

How this plays out in the long run will be very interesting to witness

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Wojciech Szczesny said in an interview with Sky Sports in Italy that he'd prefer to see Leicester City, not his parent club Arsenal, win the league this season:

"No one in football can explain the Leicester miracle," he told Sky in Italy before Leicester's win over Sunderland on Super Sunday.

"Even though I support Arsenal in the Premier League, I'd like to see Ranieri's side win it. They're an example and an inspiration to everyone. It's exciting to watch them play."

I don't think this is a shocking thing to say, from Szczesny's point of view. Technically he's a member of Arsenal but his future at the club is pretty shaky following this season's loan at AS Roma. Petr Cech's arrival last summer wasn't for the short-term, and Szczesny's just starting to reach the prime years of his career. Admitting something like this isn't treason so much as it's someone who's looking at the club from the outside in, as a fan like everyone else, whose status at Arsenal past this season is tenuous.

The Leicester City story has been a remarkable one, an improbable one by most measures. Wanting to see that story end with them winning the title isn't tantamount to betrayal on Szczesny's part, and any criticism thrown his way is failure to take the red-and-white tinted glasses off and appreciating something from afar.