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Arsenal at Hull City FA Cup Replay: Lineups, viewing info

Tuesday night! Replay! Great!

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clap clap clapclapclap
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

So here it is - the match that no one wanted. The FA Cup replay that sees Arsenal go up to Hull City, and hopefully sees a winner decided in 90 minutes. I mean, seriously - I'm not one to want teams to tank games, but if this game gets to the 88th minute and it's tied? I want Arsenal all to stop what they're doing, tie their shoes, and pretend to not notice what's going on for a few minutes. And I LOVE the FA Cup, normally; I just...the timing of this replay blows.

Don't get me wrong; I want Arsenal to win, because, well, it's an Arsenal match. But if they don't, I'm not sure I can muster up the anger to care, what with a league title to chase (however futile that chase may be) and a hopefully face-saving trip to Spain next week on the horizon.

Arsenal at Hull City
FA Cup, Fifth Round Replay

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

KC Stadium, Hull

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