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Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal: Premier League match report

Well, it certainly could have been worse!

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

I woke up this morning dreading this match. I was certain that Arsenal would lose. Considering how badly we were playing (a loss to Swansea? seriously? at HOME) and the fact that God hates me, I was convinced we'd lose. In fact, I predicted a 3-0 loss yesterday to a few of my friends from Cartilage Free Captain.

Well, I guess I should be glad that Arsenal have more faith in Arsenal than I do.

The Gunners overcame a whole host of issues – form, a road derby, Francis Coquelin, "having to start David Ospina" – and while three points weren't in the cards, a late Alexis Sanchez goal leveled the score and ensured that no, Arsenal would not lose at "that shithole" this season.

This isn't what we wanted. I'm not convinced this revitalizes the title challenge. We'll see over the next few weeks if it did or not. But at the very least it ensured that Tottenham Hotspur wouldn't get three points off the Arsenal this season, and as an expectations floor, I guess I'll take it.

Also, it gave me the opportunity to do this: