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Arsenal ladies lose to Manchester City

The 2-0 loss is Arsenal's first of the season

Not from yesterday's match, but yesterday's keeper
Not from yesterday's match, but yesterday's keeper
Daniel Smith/Getty Images

I need to caveat this post first by saying our regular Arsenal Ladies' writer is not available this season, so while we search for someone to replace her, either myself or another writer will be pitching in. The problem with that is that I have basically zero time to follow the Women's Super League in any depth, so I feel like I should apologize up front for my generally appalling lack of knowledge - as of today, but it'll get better! - of both Arsenal Ladies and the Women's Super League.

Also: If you follow the league or Arsenal Ladies closely, please feel free to supplement this with your own observations!

Anyway, all that said, off we go. Arsenal trundled up to Academy Stadium in Manchester to take on Manchester City Women, didn't go well. Jemma Rose was sent off in the 13th minute, and it was all hands on deck from that point on, and inevitably, 10-woman Arsenal gave up a goal, in the 65th minute. City added another in the 80th minute on a Toni Duggan penalty, and that was that.

After three games of the WSL season, Arsenal are fourth (of nine teams), with one win and one loss. Their next fixture is on April 3, against Notts County in the quarterfinals of the FA Women's Cup.