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Wilshere suffers another setback

This is getting Diabyesque.

Not pictured: broken leg
Not pictured: broken leg
David Rogers/Getty Images

News today as we head into another Thrilling Fascinating International Weekend that Jack Wilshere's progression isn't so much progression as...regression? Transgression? Gression? Anyway, he's not doing great. According to Arseblog, Wilshere has suffered a "setback" of unknown nature in his recovery from his preseason broken leg.

All debates about his usefulness when healthy aside, this sucks for Wilshere - he's worked his ass off multiple times to get healthy, and he just can't stay that way. His latest injury was in late July,, his surgery was in September, and here we are in March and it's not at all clear he'll be ready before the end of the season.

Again, I'm not really even worried about how good or not good he is when he's playing - it's just a shame we probably won't get the chance to find out at this point, with only eight games left in the season.