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Jack Wilshere wins battle at city council to keep backyard net

He may be trying to regrow his legs but Jack's got enough mustard to fight city hall.

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Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Jack Wilshere - HEY! Remember him? Y'know, Jack. He kicked the ball once for Arsenal. No really, he really kicked the ball between various injuries. He's even scored goals for Arsenal. Yeah, that Jack, now you got it. Well, rehab's not the only thing the good ol' lad has been up to these days. As reported by the Telegraph:

"Jack Wilshere, the Arsenal and England footballer, has won a planning battle to keep 18ft-high nets in his back garden after neighbours complained that they were a "monstrosity".

The 24-year-old midfielder, who is currently not playing following surgery for a fractured fibula, faced having to tear down the nets in his garden in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, after a complaint from neighbours."

My word. GIANT NETS. That rapscallion. His neighbours complained to the St Albans City and District Council that the "montrousities" were "blocking their view" of... trees or something. Further complaints also included that they "could blow over in a storm, causing damage", "tempted children to climb them", were used to "hang out Mr Wilshere's unmentionables that were not of the Christian persuasion" and "my falcon keeps getting caught in them."  Stuffy lot, if you ask me, but that's why you build fences.

Wilshere fired back that the nets were a requirement for his backyard soccer playing to prevent him booting balls "all over the place". And, let's face it, he IS English.

In the end, the city council agreed and Wilshere's 18 foot nets are safe from public outrage. Maybe one day, he'll even have a leg to kick with. Cheers, Jack.