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Everton v Arsenal Player Ratings

Roger Bennet is definitely going to need a sad-nap.

Alex Iwobi - Teen Wolf
Alex Iwobi - Teen Wolf
Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Ospina - 7 - Awkwardly brilliant as usual. Might need to borrow one of Cech's helmets.

Bellerin - 7 - Budding partnership with Alexis on the right. Great vision for yet another assist. Take that Fabregas.

Koscielny - 8 - Anonymous, in a good way.

Gabriel - 7 - Pocketed Lukaku?

Monreal - 8 - Absolute rock. Provided Iwobi with a platform to express himself.

Coq-Neny - 8  - Wait, did we just become best friends?!?

Ozil - 7 - He wasn't extraordinarily brilliant by his standards, but it's about time we won a game for him.

Alexis - 7 - Looks much less predictable playing on the right. Two assists in a week. Dare I say he's back?

Welbeck - 8 - Great finish for the goal. Tracked back well. Giving us the legs we need at this point in the season.

Iwobi - 8.5 - Clearly still learning his trade, but what an outstanding performance from "Iwobae."


Giroud - ? - He usually scores when he comes on in games like this, and was unlucky to have his goal disallowed.

Gibbs - ? - "He replaced someone who went off."

Chambers - ? - Played just long enough to need a shower. Maybe.


*Bonus Rating - TRAVELING FANS - 10! - They clapped/cheered/sang, and motivated the team to play with noticeably less anxiety than they do at the Emirates.