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Barcelona v Arsenal: Preview, How to Watch

Arsenal play out the string in the Champions League.

tfw u remember this guy is facing Suarez, Messi and Neymar
tfw u remember this guy is facing Suarez, Messi and Neymar
David Ramos/Getty Images

Here we are again: Arsenal go away from home in the Champions League, trying to erase a two-goal deficit from the first leg. Arsenal try mission impossible for the 4th straight year. The previous three? A 2-0 win at Bayern Munich, a 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich, a 2-0 win at Monaco; all were not good enough to erase the mistakes of the first legs. The two wins pushed Arsenal on to do better in the Premier League, so Arsenal could try and gain some momentum from getting a decent result from the Nou Camp. But there's no team better at taking momentum and chucking it away than Arsenal at the moment, as they've shown so well over the past 10 weeks.

So what are we hoping for? Winning the tie? Yeah, that's not happening. Not when Arsenal have to attack, and Barcelona are the best counter-attacking team in the world right now. A team that got eviscerated on the break by Watford (great job, Francis!) on the weekend is not going to keep out Luis Suárez, Neymar and Leo Messi. Score? That could happen. Thomas Vermaelen might have to play for Barcelona, and he has a fondness for dumb defensive mistakes leading to goals (Gabriel really is the perfect Vermaelen replacement). But that would require Arsenal scoring, and no one, aside from Danny Welbeck and Mesut Özil, seems to have much interest in doing that these days. The good news is that Laurent Koscielny is back, so hopefully Arsenal don't have their pants pulled down.

So what are we really hoping for? Francis Coquelin getting so thoroughly runaround by Andres Iniesta and Ivan Rakitic that he decides to give up this football lark and pursue his goal of living in a monastery? That'd be cool. Then Arsène Wenger might actually play a competent midfield pairing that doesn't require the good footballer (Santi Cazorla/Aaron Ramsey/Mohamed Elneny) holding the hand of the imbecile (Francis Coquelin/Mathieu Flamini).

Wait. He'd still play Flamini.

Barcelona vs. Arsenal
UEFA Champions League, Round of 16 Second Leg

Camp Nou, Barcelona

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
12.45PM PT/3.45PM ET/7.45PM BT

HOW (to watch):
US: Fox Sports 1, FoxSoccer2Go
Worldwide info: