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Arsenal v Watford Player Ratings

We were at home to Watford and they beat us.

C'mon lads, it's Watford
C'mon lads, it's Watford
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Ospina: 3 - Would have saved the game winner if he had longer arms.

Chambers: 5 - Tried to run the flanks, but looks more like the Per-Apparent than Bellerin's deputy.

Mertesacker: 4 - Not sure why he decided to hug Chambers instead of screen the ball into Ighalo on the first goal.

Gabriel: 2 - For how many feet he used in the tackle that should have gotten him sent off.

Gibbs: 5 - Didn't get injured so we got to rest Monreal.

Coquelin: 3 - No one misses Santi Cazorla more than Coq. One point for being slightly better than Gabriel. (not hard)

Elneny: 4 - Tidy in possession, unbelievably wasteful in front of goal, has cool hair. Typical Arsene Wenger signing.

Ozil: 8 - Created chances, ran his socks off, and didn't walk off the field in disgust.

Campbell: 4 - Much more useful on the right when he is there to cover for an overlapping Bellerin.

Giroud: 4 - Unlucky to have his goal ruled out for offside, but didn't do much besides that.

Alexis: 3 - Hopelessly out of form. Misplaced traps, passes, and shots. This is the guy Barcelona intended to sell us.


Walcott: NA - I honestly can't remember if he did anything at all.

Welbeck: 6 - HE SCORED ANOTHER GOAL, and then he kicked a sitter into row zed.

Iwobi: 7 - Our second best player today. Not his fault that Wenger didn't buy an established player to bring on instead.