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Henry moving closer to potentially replacing Wenger at Arsenal?

The legendary Arsenal striker obtained his UEFA A badge with help from the club, which gets him one step closer to being able to manage an EPL club

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Thierry Henry, scorer of great goals, has moved one step closer to EPL management by obtaining his UEFA A license yesterday with help from his former club Arsenal and the Welsh Football Trust. The next badge he can earn, a UEFA Pro license, opens up the bright lights of the EPL and puts him immediately in discussion as a potential successor of Arsene Wenger.

Since early last year, Henry has been working with the Arsenal U18 and U19 squads during the day while moonlighting as a Sky pundit on weekend afternoons. Last month, he opened up on some of the things he's learned while working towards his badges:

"I have a certain view of how I would like teams to play but it’s one thing to have a view and another to try and execute it.

"For example are you still going to maintain that philosophy if you’ve lost two or three games, while fans are upset, the press is having a go and players are storming into your office?

"It’s all stuff I’m learning. How to stay strong, how to remain in the same direction despite enduring problems."

If there's one place right now where he can get a crash course in this area of coaching, well, he's definitely at the right place, right now.