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FA Cup team news: It's not horrible!

Things aren't as bad as they seemed.

He rubbed some dirt on it, he walked it off, he's fine
He rubbed some dirt on it, he walked it off, he's fine
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Tuesday was a mess, with Arsenal getting the win but at the seeming cost of 27% of the players who started the match. But as of yesterday, it seems that things aren't as bad as we thought they would be in the aftermath of that win. First, there is some bad news - Aaron Ramsey's injury probably IS that bad. It looks like his thigh strain will keep him out for four weeks.

But now, on to the better news. Both Per Mertesacker, who had a head wound, and Gabriel, who had a hamstring...something, are expected to play on Sunday, and Arsenal might even see Laurent Koscielny return to action after a calf strain that has seen him miss three games. His return is dependent on one of those legendary late fitness tests, though, so we might not see him until Tuesday.

Still - considering how down we all were about the injuries after Tuesday, this is mostly good news for a team that has three games coming up in the next week.