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Who Would You Play: Arsenal vs. Watford

Let's find out how much smarter we are than the pros!

If I tried that I'd probably ruin my back
If I tried that I'd probably ruin my back
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

We at The Short Fuse Dot Com Industries Incorporated are always looking for ways to engage you, our most valuable reader (yes, you!) more personally and more deeply. We sometimes struggle with how to do that, what with us gadding about the world on our jet and all, but we're going to get better, we swear.

One of the things we've bounced around as an idea lately is Who Would You Play? There's always a lot of chatter about it in preview comment threads and on Twitter/FB, so we decided to turn it into a regular part of our pre-match runup coverage.

This, then, is the first one of those - and as the first one, it's definitely open to suggestions for improvement, but it's a pretty straightforward thing: we'll publish our preferred XI, then in the comments, you tell us yours, and if you want, your reasoning. See? Simple!

With that in mind, here's what we came up with:


With the CL coming up, it's likely that Wenger will rotate a bit, but it's not certain that he has downgraded the CL given the long odds of winning in Barcelona. So this is probably as full strength of a side as he can put out with one eye on midweek. Now, it's your turn. Who would you play?