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Wenger to Fans: "Fight Together"

As the club prepare for Wednesday's Swansea visit, Arsene has a request.

kinda sums it all up, really
kinda sums it all up, really
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

We're all still smarting from what happened Sunday. And, regardless of your opinion of his managership, you'd best believe Arsene Wenger is too - the man hates to lose, even if he's not very demonstrative about that hatred. He spoke today about the atmosphere around the club in the last week or so, the reaction of the fans, and the like, and as you'd expect, he was measured yet honest in his assessment:

"I'm never surprised by the criticism that comes," he said. "That's part of the media today. Part of the opinion is always a bit excessive and emotional, but we have to deal with that and I don't complain about it."

He goes on to talk about what happens next, saying:

"We had a very, very bad week and it's down to us to make this week a very good one. A bad week is not permanent. It's what you make of it and how you respond."

I think that attitude - "a bad week is not permanent" - is very important. It at once acknowledges the truth of the situation and also points out that the past is the past, and that Arsenal can recover. He also talks a bit about the role of the fans in all this:

"What you want from your fans is to fight together until the last game of the season. What we have learnt from the league is that it is very tight, that everybody can drop points, and the teams - and the fans - who can show togetherness and solidarity until the end might come out of it in a positive way."

That is going to be a struggle for some. The chorus of dissenting voices around Arsene - at least outside the club - is getting louder, and while wins will definitely help, this weekend's latest setback may prove to be a bridge too far for a lot of people to jump on the "GO TEAM!" bandwagon. I'm not saying that they'd actively root for Arsenal to lose, necessarily, but I think more fans are less willing to give Arsene leeway than at this time a year ago, or even a couple months ago.