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Arsenal FA Cup match against Hull moved to 12.45 BT

It me, not burying the lede

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Not a whole lot to say about this one, I guess you can file this under "public service announcement". The club has announced that their fifth round FA Cup match against Hull City, which was originally scheduled for February 20th at 3PM BT, has been moved to the more TV-friendly time of 12.30PM BT on that same Saturday.

While this won't cause the travel chaos that it would have if the game were in Hull or some other far flung locale with more limited transport options than a stadium in a well populated part of a well populated city, it might cause some people some angst? Maybe? People get bothered by things that you wouldn't expect them to get bothered by a lot.

Anyway, that's your news for the day - the game was at one time, it's now at a different time. Adjust your plans for Saturday the 20th accordingly.