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My goals left me: Arsenal's six hour goal drought

It's been a while, hasn't it?

it's been a while
it's been a while
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

January 13th. An ordinary day, for the most part; it was a Wednesday, and Wednesdays are generally fairly uneventful days. I had a refresher session on my work's project management software, and yeah, that's kind of what Wednesdays are. But this particular Wednesday was a bit different, mostly for what it had - it had an Premier League match in which Arsenal scored a goal. Three goals, to be exact, in a 3-3 draw at Anfield.

Did anyone think that that would be the last goal Arsenal would score in league play between then and now? No? Me neither, but here we are. Four games, 350 minutes, no goals - even the most positive, uncritical Arsenal fan would see that there's a problem there. Goals are cyclical, sure, but it's annoying that every goal scorer is on a down part of that cycle at the same time.

As of now, Arsenal are on pace to score their fewest goals since 1999, and the second-fewest under Arsene Wenger. That 1999 season saw Arsenal score just 59 goals, 21 fewer than league winner Manchester United; the silver lining bit of that stat is that Arsenal finished second that season.

In six hours, you could:

- Watch the entire first season of You're The Worst and have time to start the second season
- Drive from NYC to Missisauga, ON
- build a really complicated piece of Ikea furniture
- Listen to every single Ramones song once
- shave ten cats
- rewatch both Cup semifinals and finals from the last two seasons
- still not get through the Godfather Epic

Or, like Arsenal, you could play a ton of soccer and not find the back of the net once. I guess that's a thing.