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Usmanov increases Arsenal stake; ex-shareholder buys in to Everton

More business!

Usmanov on his way to Harry CarayCon
Usmanov on his way to Harry CarayCon
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

In a transaction that would make Vincent Adultman proud, Alisher Usmanov has increased his holdings of Arsenal stock to 30.4%, following his purchase of the shares owned in his Red & White Holdings company by Farhad Moshiri. Moshiri, in turn, took the money from that sale and instead of buying a nice car or a round of drinks for everyone at the bar, bought himself 49% of Everton Football Club, where he will partner with Bill Kenwright, who retains his majority stake in the club.

What does this mean going forward for Arsenal? Not much, really. Moshiri was a silent partner for the most part, while Usmanov grabbed the headlines; Usmanov's the second biggest shareholder, just like he was before, but now there's nobody else within Red & White, so, that's...something? I guess? Basically, it's as you were for everything as far as the running of Arsenal goes, as far as I can tell, except now they have one fewer boxed lunch to order on working meeting days.

What remains to be seen is wether Moshiri makes an eventual play for Everton, and what that would mean; that doesn't impact Arsenal, though, so I'm going to end this sentence by saying shrug emoji.