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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain out for seven weeks

Now we know.

Pictured: knee, pre-ouch
Pictured: knee, pre-ouch
Michael Regan/Getty Images

We heard earlier in the week that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was facing a long layoff after injuring himself on a challenge with Javier Mascherano. Now, we have confirmation of the length of said layoff.

It has been reported today that Ox faces seven weeks off. If that timeline holds, that means Ox will be back in mid-April, in time for either Crystal Palace at the Emirates or Sunderland away. It also means that Ox will be fit enough in time to prove ready for this summer's European Championships, as long as everything with his recovery goes to plan.

Arsene Wenger says his staff doesn't think it's a recurrence of Ox's previous knee trouble, either:

"It is a new injury," said Wenger. "When he has been cut in two by Mascherano he did his knee. We have to see how big the damage is. I don't think it was a malicious tackle, it was a fully committed tackle.

Also: I love the juxtaposition of "When he has been cut in two..." and "I don't think it was a malicious tackle". Anyway, best of luck to Ox with his rehab, and hopefully he'll play some small part in the last few weeks of the season.