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FA confirm Hull v Arsenal replay date

The replay will take place on Tuesday, March 8

Julian Finney/Getty Images

The FA have finally confirmed the replay date for Arsenal's 5th round tie against Hull City, with the fixture set to take place on Tuesday, March 8. Kickoff will be at 7 PM GMT, to partially avoid clashing with UEFA Champions League matches that also take place on that date.

The fixture comes the midweek after Arsenal play Tottenham at White Hart Lane, and as Hull also have a fixture that weekend, having the replay on the Monday was ruled out, despite both teams likely to name heavily changed sides.

It is likely the FA will face some form of fine from UEFA for scheduling a fixture on the same date as UEFA competition, a practise heavily discouraged, though not ruled against by the European governing committee. However, UEFA have apparently been understanding of the situation, with the FA saying that "we would like to thank UEFA for taking the time it has to understand our position on this matter."

The winner of the replay will face Watford in the 6th round on the following weekend. If Arsenal win, the home match in the Premier League against West Bromwich Albion will be postponed and moved to a later date.