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Arsenal v. Leicester City: Preview, stream info

Is it a Clash of the Titans?

It's a big day, Francis
It's a big day, Francis
Michael Regan/Getty Images

As you probably know by now, I hate narratives, and I will go far, far out of my way to destroy them. I also hate clichès, and will again go through many machinations to never use them or to at least poke at them and try to see if there's any truth to them at all, or if they're just lazy writing/speech.

With that as background, I don't say this lightly: this game is probably a title deciding game. If Arsenal win, they're two points behind Leicester with 12 games to play, a very bridgeable gap. Lose, though, and Arsenal are eight points back; not a guaranteed title eliminator, but the way Leicester's been playing, and given that this is their last game against any realistic title contending rival, a Leicester City win pretty much puts them on course to do something nobody thought they could do.

Now, they have dropped points here and there recently, to both Bournemouth and Aston Villa, so they're not incapable of dropping points. The rocket fuel they'd light by winning at the Emirates just as the season rounds into its business end, though, might just blast them straight through to May.

But enough about Leicester. Arsenal are the same as ever on the injury front - Welbeck, Wilshere and Cazorla will of course play no part, but otherwise everyone came through last weekend unscathed, so that's a plus.

There's really not much more I need to say; Arsenal need to win as much as Leicester do, for similar reasons. If you never thought you'd see the phrases "title decider" and "Leicester City Football Club" in the same sentence, well, welcome to the Premier League in 2016, everybody.

Arsenal vs. Leicester City
English Premier League

Emirates Stadium, London

Sunday, February 14, 2016

HOW (to watch):
US: NBCSN, Telemundo