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Is Arsenal coming to the U.S. for a summer tour?

We have heard rumors that Arsenal will be the MLS All-Stars summer opponent, with a second date in the U.S. possible. The rumors could be confirmed tomorrow.

This man, unlike much of the current Arsenal squad, would likely come over to America.
This man, unlike much of the current Arsenal squad, would likely come over to America.
Gareth Copley/Getty Images

There's been a mild buzz on Twitter since the start of the New Year that Arsenal might be headed to the United States this summer -- specifically, as the MLS All-Stars opponent for the yet-to-be-announced-date at San Jose's Avaya Stadium. MLS has announced a livestream for tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET "to reveal an important 2016 MLS All-Star Game announcement," which feels like how a date and opponent announcement might be teased.

There's a Reddit thread (what, not reliable enough a source?) already forwarding the rumor that it's Arsenal that will be announced, and there's an additional assertion from the Arsenal Fixture News Twitter account.

(Last year, of course, a Premier League squad from another part of North London featured and lost an MLS All-Star Game in Colorado.)

While this is potentially terrific news for Arsenal fans who missed out on the previous Arsenal to America trip (to Red Bull Arena in July 2014, its first in 25 years), it will be in a stadium that, while dreamy, only fits 18,000. And the potential July 20 date (judging from rumors and past MLS All-Star Game schedules) is in a tight window between the Copa America Centenario/Euro 2016 and the probable dates for this year's Emirates Cup. Given how far Chile, Germany, France and England might go in the summer tournaments, much of the current Arsenal Starting XI will likely opt for rest over an all-expenses-paid trip to the South Bay.

But, on the bright side if this rumor is true and timed like we think it will be, JEFF.