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Yaya Sanogo loaned to Charlton

Yaya goes to a place where he can develop more.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Every once in a while, there's a player nickname or reference that makes me chuckle. I've always loved Duncan "Disorderly" Ferguson, for instance, but basically any time a nickname is more than first initial+first syllable of last name, I am intrigued.  Yaya Sanogo never had a nickname, but someone - I forget who, but if it's you, you're amazing and let me know who you are - referred to him once as a "drunken baby giraffe", and I absolutely love that descriptor. He's young, he's gawky, but you know someday he'll grow into something awesome.

Turns out that growth and awesomeness will continue to happen away from the Emirates, at least in the near term. Sanogo today was loaned to Charlton Athletic after a first half loan to Ajax in which he made exactly four appearances - which is not ideal for a player who needs to become a better player. Hopefully he'll get the chance at Charlton to continue to improve his game, and hopefully someday he'll be able to make it at Arsenal - but even if he ends up spending most of his career elsewhere, Yaya Sanogo is one of those players I'll always wish the best for, because he seems like a solid kid.