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Manchester United wanted Mathieu Debuchy, for some reason

Louis van Gaal may not know who Hector Bellerin is, but evidently he knows Debuchy.

David Rogers/Getty Images

As we just discussed, Mathieu Debuchy is getting his escape from Arsenal, leaving for a loan at Bordeaux. But throughout the month of January a few other clubs looked in on him. Aston Villa was one. Evidently a slightly bigger club was also looking for defensive help, though.

Man, I don't know either. I'm pretty baffled by this. I haven't looked too deeply into the current Manchester United team, but even if their whole back line was injured right now I'm not sure how Debuchy would help. As noted earlier (and honestly, over and over again by all of us), Debuchy's been pretty bad this year, and he's not really match fit.

I'm a little disappointed we didn't loan Debuchy to United, honestly. Alexis Sanchez probably is too.