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Mathieu Debuchy off to Bordeaux, but Serge Gnabry stays (for now)

The last day of the window sees a bit of activity.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

It's the last day of the transfer window in England, and while Arsene Wenger intimated a couple days ago that nothing big will happen between now and that window's close, it was known that Mathieu Debuchy wanted to leave in order to find a regular game somewhere else.

It would appear he's being granted that wish, according to Jeremy Wilson:

Debuchy has to go in the "disappointing" column, at least for me - I thought he'd develop into a regular in the first team at Arsenal, and he never did, thanks to injury but also thanks to not being as good as I thought he was.

The other part of that tweet is also intriguing; Gnabry was rumored to be headed out on loan, but now, it sounds like that may not happen today. Although! His loan would be to a Championship club, and those loans do not have to be completed prior to the transfer window closing:

So, there's a whole lot of...nothing concrete on either front. Stay tuned, though, there will no doubt be more as the day goes on.