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Rio Ferdinand can't find Lucas Perez

During this week's Champions League match, Rio Ferdinand made a big time boo-boo.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

I completely understand that talking in front of a camera to a massive audience is tough work, but that doesn't and shouldn't excuse the times when pundits make dumb and silly mistakes. As evidenced by longtime Arsenal nemesis (and decent guy, I should also add), Rio Ferdinand:

I have so many questions.

First off, who was he asking where Perez has been for the past few weeks? His cat? A refrigerator? Does he know how to Google to find out this bit of info?

Further, let's assume this was a literal thing. Let's assume he was asking people for the past few weeks where Lucas Perez was. For the sake of this argument I'm going to take this assumption a step further to say the odds he was asking people this question are heavily-involved in the sport. Did they all collectively decide among themselves to not tell Rio that he's hurt?

"Dear Christ, Rio's blithering about again where Lucas Perez has been. Remember to stonewall him."

In all actuality, I'm quite sure that Rio Ferdinand has not been wandering around various TV studios, and life in general, asking anyone who would listen to him just exactly where Lucas Perez has been for the past few weeks. I get that he's probably a fan of what Perez brings to the club and genuinely wants to see him play and perform well. That shouldn't excuse the fact that Rio showed up to a taping of a Champions League TV studio appearance and displayed the apparent fact that he did shit all research beforehand on the clubs he was to talk about.

On a scale of 1-5 Michael Owen Thinks Raheem Sterling Is Better Than Mesut Özil, I give this gaff a 3. Do better next time, Rio.