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Monday cannon fodder

Let’s get into the week.

West Ham's Boleyn Ground Six Months After The Club Moved Out Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Ben’s off today doing something called his “real job”, whatever that is, so here I am.

And here is Arsene Wenger, saying West Ham might need two years to settle in their new home. That second year might even be in a lower league!

Wenger also says Arsenal can do better than they’ve done this season.

Mauricio Pochettino says diving is “now” a part of English soccer, because he apparently hasn’t seen a game in England since about 1999.

I wonder if Jose Mourinho still enjoys going to Everton.

Bruce Arena is the best person the USMNT now to 18 years ago.

What does it actually mean, in practical terms, to be banned from a football ground?