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Wednesday cannon fodder

Last minute!

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Numerals For Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration Are Delivered To Times Square
Please let it be an improvement
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Ben is still returning from his holidays, so here I am again, to fodder your morning.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the short tenure of Bob Bradley at Swansea, a tenure that says far more about Swansea City than it does about Bob Bradley’s managerial abilities.

Ryan Giggs and Chris Coleman are apparently on the shortlist to replace Bradley.

On the occasion of Mesut Özil’s 100th Premier League assist, here’s a look at Premier League players with the most assists since the Premier League invented soccer.

The Guardian’s doing a series of quizzes from the decades of English soccer, starting in the 1970’s. Here’s the one from the 80’s.

You want a bananapants league final? Look no further than Liga MX!

Oh, Samir Nasri.

Here’s a list of The Sporting News’ most influential people in American soccer in 2016.

Finally, you like quizzes? Have you heard of the King Williams’ College Quiz? It’s really hard.