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Tuesday cannon fodder: Wide open spaces

Let’s talk about stuff!

Big Bash League - Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Sixers
it’s a firework
Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images

Soooooo, no links today. I’m back at work, Ben’s off with his family, and for a lot of people, it’s a slow week as the year wraps up and we all get ready for the new year to start.

So let’s talk about...whatever you want to talk about! Have questions for us? Ask them here! Any good stories from the holiday? Share ‘em! Any hopes/dreams/fears/expectations for 2017? Let’s talk.

We never talk any more. Well, we do, but we should talk more! Especially if you are in the habit of lurking and not commenting - we had hundreds of comments in our Get To Know You thread in August, and I’d love it if y’all decided to comment more, so please - say hi!