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PSG apparently pursuing Wenger

Get your grains of salt ready

Everton v Arsenal - Premier League
**French accent** People still think I will leave Arsenal?
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

British tabloid The Sun is apparently set to unveil an “exclusive” about how French giants Paris Saint-Germain are set to go after Arsène Wenger again, according to reporter Nick Sutton.

From the little snippet of the report we have, it appears that, “And this time the French champions are confident they can finally land the Arsenal boss.”

First of all: hahahahahahahahaha

Second, this is The Sun, which is about as likely to have exclusive access to the inner workings of Arsenal Football Club as the actual celestial body the sun which our earth orbits.

But really, Wenger is (to the chagrin of some fans), tied to Arsenal for life at this point. He has had offers from big clubs before, and during times when Arsenal’s pocketbook was much lighter than it is now. If he didn’t leave then, it’s pretty much impossible to see him going somewhere new at 67-years-old. Wenger is going to stay at Arsenal until he retires, whether that is when his contract ends after this season or later on down the road.